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What we believe

We believe that veterans deserve our utmost respect and honor whether they served during a period of war or during a period of peace.  The sacrifices made by our veterans in order to serve our country are the highest forms of sacrifice that can be made.


We believe that veterans and their spouses deserve special benefits because of their sacrifices for our freedoms.


We believe a strong support network is needed to assure that veterans and their families are educated about these benefits, how to qualify for these benefits, and assistance is provided to help them gain these benefits.



Our work

At, we have developed a network of financial and legal advisors who specialize in working with families as they transition a loved one into care . . .whether that is home healthcare, assisted living, nursing care, or memory care.  We have representatives in all 50 states who can help families understand the application process, qualifying criteria, and eligibility requirements.


We can advise on legal and financial issues that will need to be addressed prior to applying for benefits as well as keep the family abreast of how changes in the levels and expenses associated with care will affect future benefits from both the VA and other governmental agencies.


Our local representatives are trained

To coordinate this benefit with other

Governmental benefits (such as

State nursing home benefits) so that

The family maximizes any benefits

That are payable from these



Call us at 877-752-0055 to learn more.

Nationwide Representation

We strive to educate families about VA benefits that may be available to they or their loved one because of service to our country.  We are proud veterans or children of veterans who have witnessed first hand how

these benefits can relieve the pressures of paying for

extended long-term healthcare costs.  Sometimes,

these benefits are the difference in whether

a veteran or the surviving spouse of veteran

will be able to get the level of care they need.


Let our experienced VA accredited claims

agents assist you and your family with the

complexities of applying for benefits.

About Us is not affiliated with the Veteran’s Administration or any other government agency.  We are an independent financial and legal advisory firm that assists families with understanding and qualifying for this benefit.